NovaWorld Elite

The NovaWorld Elite history

This is a historydocument of one of Europe's oldest clans, and the most successful. Since ¤nwe¤ has been restarted twice now, we felt it necessary to write a short summary of our historical background in the Df series, and how we were part of placing Europe on the Df map.

¤nwe¤, or #NWE# as our original tag was way back when, was formed by a guy named Ötzi. The tag #NWE# stood for NovaWorld Ex-servicemen. Up to this day, noone else beside Ötzi actually know what the letter E stood for. Our clan was formed out of a bunch of rookies that were usually playing on a double ISDN server located at public servers in the NL DF1 lobby. Shortly after, Ötzi decided to go inactive, and shut down #NWE#. The rest of us did not agree with this decision, so me Gold, Haus, Noclan and Lurch took command, created a council where each one of us had different tasks. I arranged the servers/matches, Gold the tactics, Lurch created our website, and Haus & Noclan mostly goofed around. Haus One was a living squadlexicon and found alot of leagues for us to participate in, and Noclan was like a rock pillar, always there, always providing the right perspective to things. The original, most active member in our Df1 campaign would be ¤nwe¤Noclan, also known as Noclan_member. Our original lineup was selfmade members such as NoAim, Haus One, Noclan, Glenn, Danzig, Tailgunner, Gold, Fahrenheit, Ramboo, Spook, Lurch, Little Guy and a few others. These guys were just a bunch of rookies playing around in public games, having alot of fun, and built up a unique friendship. We did what no elite clan did before, we actually gained our skills together, not by recruiting them, but by playing together and earning them as a team. Our first game was versus a team called =HH=, HeadHunters. The host, a Duo ISDN modem served, and needless to say, it was laggy, but it was damn fun. Most of us had no idea what lag was by then, and noone of us even knew how to ping a server (with exception for Gold perhaps). After our first success we got the taste for more of the good stuff, so I started to challenge 2-3 teams á week. We hosted practise sessions, shared our view's, and Gold was so kind to start writing down advanced tactics in huge text documents , each tactic unique for every match. We joined up a league called European Delta Force League, hosted by Helza, but soon realized that the league's main gametype was TDM. We still managed to end up on second place in that league with 34 won matches and 0 losses if my memory serves me correct. But since the CTF competition in Europe was ridiculous , we decided to enter a tourney called DFW CTF tourney. Haus One managed to get us in, even tho the tourney registration had been closed, and we faced tough and skilled CTF-orientated opponents. After some fierce fights versus very good american CTF-teams, we managed to pull off the win and became DFW CTF1 tourney champions. After this tourney, some of us found DF boring, so we made a decisive call to inactivate ¤nwe¤ for Df1 and await DF-LW. We decided to run for another DF1 CTF tourney, but since we already decided to go inactive after CTF2 tourney, the moral wasn't the best, and many of our players decided to quit DF1 public gameplay, which did affect our skills and teamwork. We faced some rather easy teams up to the semi-finals, where we encountered omega2, a team put together by some of the best american DF players throughout history. After a 5 map game , we ended up with 1 won map, 1 lost map and 3 tied maps. omega 2 advanced by flagcount 13-10. Since the decision was already taken a month back, we went inactive until LandWarrior was released. A conflict between a few of our members occured , which had the effect that they left the clan and joined *I* , which won the CTF3 tourney over omega 2 in the final. Many people claim that it was ¤nwe¤ that won the CTF3 tourney, not *I*. Myself, I find this not correct. It was Gold, NoAim , Haus and 1 or 2 other players previously played with nwe together with 3-4 americans that won the tourney against o2. And so our era ended in DF1.

November 13th was the day ¤nwe¤ went active once again, and this time we armed ourselves for Delta force 3 - LandWarrior. We recruited a few players we knew since the DF1 era, and once again started to get on top of things. But after 14 won matches and 0 lost , some of us lost the spirit, and decided to quit with LandWarrior. Some of us went to other clans , some quit LW altogether. But on the 9th of April in the year of our lord 2001, Fahrenheit decided to pull some of the old timers together. Since the recent disbanding of *jt*, where a few of our oldtimers in DF1 played, he recruited Gold and Haus back into nwe. I joined a few hours after, together with some of the guys from *jt* and ¤nwe¤. We recruited a few new skilled players we got to know in LW, and we are now stronger than ever. This is where this brief history stop. This is when its time to write history in DF once again....

- Aza.

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